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Three Times a Midnight
From Makar's new album, Funeral Genius, released November 2011

You can buy our tunes on CDbaby

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Devil in a Dream
From Makar's new album, Funeral Genius, released November 2011

You can buy our tunes on CDbaby

and iTunes
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I Hate My Job
Sometimes, everything and everyone gets on your damn nerves. That's when you put this song on and everything feel alright again mahn.

Dear Makar,

I have just been added as a friend and I am use to being added by random bands and listening to many different forms of music. When I listen to the song "I hate my job" I had this huge wave of just amazment. I felt like a musical itch was scratched. In most sincerity I have to say that you guys have a great sound and tha I wish the best for you. An awesome work in the folk, indie genre. Keep the music coming.

A new fan,
Drew from
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The Country Song
Is it a country song or is it Makar's version of a country song? Hmmm...

Listen to find out. YEEHAW!

And read what has to say about this song--

“The ‘Country Song’ is a funny sort of song about dreams. "

‘Asked the lord if I could ride into the sun, just a cowboy hat and two horses and a gun/ and he said 'no-o-o'/ Asked my wife if she would hold my tired hand/ but I was not her kind, so she went looking for a man/ to tell her wo-o-oes’

"This sort of self deprecating humor has the spunk that makes bands like Belle & Sebastian great.”

We can feel Vince's ear to ear grin all the way from California!!
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What Can I Tell You
"Good beat, beautiful voices I hope you keep at it for a long time cause your very talented, hotties." Aaron Ranta, Krang from Garageband.

Yep, that is what he said. HOT HOT HOT!

So you want the backstory, eh?
How did What Can I Tell You come about? Well, Vince read an email that Mark wrote saying "me and AD are going to DC" (AD being Andrea DeAngelis), so he suggested to Andrea that she write a song using the same chords as the initials in the email, which she did (sorta, cheated a bit on the intro and bridge though) and came up with this rocking little dittie! Enjoy.
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Another Day
Another Day is Hypnotizing!!!
Reviewer: Brooks from Myspace

"Well - Another Day is streaming through from my first listen - I suspected at the beginning that this would be a rehash of the 1971 Paul and Linda hit. The Paul and Linda style vocal blend here (Bowl of Cherries or Ram) is very nice tho. I'm grooving hard right now!!! Speaking of groove, this song is more like a serious 1967 sound. Now I think I'm listening to something that could have been on a Jefferson Airplane or Moby Grape album circa '67. It's hypnotizing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee------whew! Snap out of it! This is good. Good enough to hit repeat." After a couple or three listens -- I like the Abby Road chords at the beginning, the ethereal yet gritty vocal blend in the changes, and the fact that it rocks. This is mellow rock that remembers its roots. The last time I heard a sound that made me feel like this was the last time I played the bluer cuts from Surrealistic Pillow. Or, maybe blue Guess Who or Bad Finger tunes. Yet this is more textured - it has more feel. Maybe if it was a little crunchy - not sure. Great snack like it is. Few sounds grab me on the first listen. This did. It's always fun to find a new favorite song. WooHooo!!!"
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The Monkey
Can the lyrics really get any more strange? Just listen to that first line...what was Mark smoking...

But before you do, some facts...

Before Andrea started writing songs, she used to hover over Mark's shoulder in their tiny studio on 14th street. Here is a transcript of her interruptions...

Andrea: “Maybe someone could sing on this part?”
Mark: "Uh, who would that be honey?"

The Monkey contains Andrea's very first songwriting contribution, the “You Are Alone" part. The Monkey also made Vince want to join forces with Mark and Andrea.
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Alligator Agents
Gee, what could this be about?

Actually the song all started from one of Andrea’s poems. The poem was inspired by a coke snorting NYC real estate agent who had alligator skin and tried to show Mark and Andrea an apartment on the down and outs of the lower east side. Looking at her ravaged skin and sotted brain really hit home that most hard drugs are no good children, but we sure wish they'd legalize pot!!
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Damion Day
Based on Andrea's crazy ass book ( in progress) Download MP3
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All I Know
"Hippies rejoice!"

"Hmm... This sounds very 60's. I think the vocals have the most to do with that. At any rate, it's good. Very earthy and peaceful. This is the kinda music you would want to hear with your sweetie!"
- Review by Joshthelake on

Yes, indeedy. Andrea wrote this song for Mark.
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